Golf and Formule 1

At first glance, they appear to be completely different, yet there are many
similarities. The car is the swing. The driver, for convenience, we will call the mental part
The driver is the mental part, the Golf brain as it were. The circuit is the golf course.
Qualifying a friendly round and the Grand Prix a tournament.
Some drivers have fantastic cars but are not very good drivers. So
Many golfers too, can hit the ball on the driving range very well once in a while but
The "driving" on the course, is often a bit less.

A car with an enormous top speed but which is difficult to turn in the corner, will do well in the hands of a good driver.
hands of a good driver will lose out to a car that can do both reasonably well.
can do both.
Some cars and drivers will only do well on certain tracks, just like many Golfers will only do well on certain tracks.
Just as many golfers have their favourite holes and courses.

To play at the top, the swing/technique and the mental part both need to be

It is very tempting to think that only improving the car will bring better results.
results. If I only had the engine of the world champion,
then everything else is automatic. But, is that really it?

Also bear in mind that fitting another engine might mean that it doesn’t fit with the rest of your car.
engine does not match the rest of your car and then the gearbox, suspension and tyres will have to be changed as well.
suspension and tyres will have to be changed.

The lesson.

Before you change anything on your swing, make sure you are really sure that what you want to change is actually the right one.
that what you want to change is actually the reason why the car is not performing at its best.
That if you are going to change something, it will fit into your swing.

Your mechanic Jørgen de Vries