From toothpaste tubes to house sparrows

Avec quelle force dois-je presser le bâton ? Chaque professionnel du golf reçoit

How hard should I squeeze the stick? Every Golf Pro gets this question several times
a month.
It’s like holding a tube of toothpaste without a cap in your hand, or a birdie, and not squeezing!
Don’t squeeze!

If we want to hit the ball far, you have to transfer a lot of energy via your hands to the grip
otherwise it simply does not work.

The pros on TV have been practising all their lives and their hands and arms are trained in such a way that
Maybe it feels relaxed to them, but the measurements show again and again how hard they
they squeeze the stick too hard.
If they have the stick too loosely in their hands and their arms are too relaxed, they can
they cannot hit it hard or far enough and the whole structure of the arms, wrists and hands will deform.
hands will deform.

But why do we pro's often say that, to relax anyway?

In the case of the ladies and gentlemen on TV, the arms basically transmit the energy of the body
to the stick, but it is the lower body and torso that provide the most power.
provide the most power.
Many beginners still have difficulty getting the legs, hips and shoulders to move properly and MUST
shoulders and MUST use the change in tension in their arms to get at least some speed
use the change in tension in their arms to give them at least some speed.

The better the body works the less the arms have to compensate.

So close the tubes and let the sparrows fly free and ………..
In the next article I will tell you how it should really be.

Your Golfpro Jorgen de Vries