Thumbs up and dots on the (st) i (ck)

A golf stick or club, as you like it, has three important points:
On the stroke plane (1) is the Percussion Centre or Sweetspot. This is important when hitting. Somewhere near the shaft is the CoM or Centre of Gravity (2) which, as the stick bends during the swing, is not always in the same place. The Hub Center or Coupling Point (3) is approximately between both hands. Everything the player does, happens on this 3rd point.
The correct positioning of the hands is essential to give the stick plenty of speed and control. Where the fingers push against the grip is one thing but how hard they push is another. We start with the thumb of the left hand (all my pieces assume right handed players, unfortunately Phil Mickelson). It seems logical to place the thumb in the middle of the grip.
At the top of the swing, however, the left thumb is no longer exactly under the stick.
Good players therefore place the left thumb just to the right of the centre. It is a subtle difference but sometimes the devil is in the detail.
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