Oelegemsesteenweg 37E

Events at this location


03sep09:00Inschrijving geslotenEVM PRINT by A. Van der Linden

07sep12:30Inschrijving geslotenMen's Day by F. Nys & C. Nys

10sep09:00Inschrijving geslotenPRIJS VAN DE CONTENTE MENS

14sep12:30Inschrijving geslotenMen's Day by W. Struyf

17sep09:00Inschrijving geslotenCALLAWAY CUP

19sep10:30Inschrijving geslotenLadies Day by D. Charon - Round 1

21sep12:30Inschrijving geslotenMen's Day by R. Wouters

24sep09:00Inschrijving geslotenTRIPLE D'ANVERS by Duvel Moortgat

26sep10:30Inschrijving geslotenLadies Day by D. Charon - Round 2

28sep12:30Inschrijving geslotenMen's Day by J. Warmenbol

28sep18:30Inschrijving geslotenMen's Dinner - September


01okt09:00BOSSENSTEIN CLOSING PRIZE7 Guests are attending

03okt10:30Ladies Day by CallawayBe the first to RSVP

05okt12:30Men's Day by A. Verlinden1 Guest is attending

10okt10:30Ladies Closing Day by L. Franckx & B. Cools1 Guest is attending

10okt18:30Ladies Closing Dinner - OctoberBe the first to RSVP

12okt12:30Men's Day by J. Van AntwerpenBe the first to RSVP

15okt09:00BOSSENSTEIN HALLOWEENBe the first to RSVP

19okt12:30Men's Closing Prize by Ph. CharonBe the first to RSVP

19okt18:30Men's Dinner - OctoberBe the first to RSVP